A new educational podcast produced by CSU’s Office of Engagement and Extension

The Applied podcast seeks to explore the many stories happening at Colorado State University, across Colorado, and beyond – shining a spotlight on the amazing work taking place in classrooms, laboratories, campuses, communities, and out in the field.

Each episode, we speak with passionate subject matter experts about how their work creates real-world impact, offering a space for listeners to discover, learn, and apply that new information in their own life.

New episodes publish biweekly.

#8: AI, Data Centers, Energy, and Environmental Impact

Featuring Dr. Sudeep Pasricha

Hosted by Beren Goguen

#7: Working and Learning as a Social Work Professional in Colorado

Featuring Mindy Van Kalsbeek, M.S.W.

Hosted by Beren Goguen

#6: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Featuring Dr. Nate Riggs

Hosted by Beren Goguen

#5: How We Understand Addiction (and still have a lot to learn)

Featuring Dr. Brad Conner

Hosted by Beren Goguen

#4: Why There’s No Formula for DEI Work, Part 2

Featuring Dr. Eric Ishiwata and Dr. Ray Black

Hosted by Beren Goguen

#3: Why There’s No Formula for DEI Work, Part 1

Featuring Dr. Eric Ishiwata

Hosted by Beren Goguen

#2: Exploring the Incredible Healing Power of Music Therapy

Featuring Dr. Blythe LaGasse and Dr. Jess Rushing

Hosted by Beren Goguen

#1: Applied Positive Psychology: Finding Strength in Human Potential

Featuring Zach Mercurio, Ph.D.

Hosted by Beren Goguen


Who can be a guest on this podcast?

We invite passionate subject matter experts with actionable insights to share their story of a project, event, research, or other work with real-world impact.

We also strive to answer this question for listeners: “How can I apply this information to my life or career?”

Our hosts are especially interested to speak with experts in the following fields:


  • Science and biology
  • Health and human sciences
  • Engineering
  • Computers and technology
  • Business and entrepreneurship
  • Leadership and human resources
  • Psychology and sociology
  • Economics
  • Agricultural sciences
  • Natural resources and sustainability
  • Tourism
  • Arts, media, and entertainment
  • Architecture and design
Do I have to be a CSU faculty member or alumnus to be a guest?

No. Although we primarily interview members of the CSU community, we are very open to talking with subject matter experts from other institutions and organizations.

Where will this podcast be distributed?

This podcast will be available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, and Google.

When will new episodes release?

We plan to release one to two new episodes monthly with a focus on quality over quantity. 

I would like to be a guest. What should I do?

Please email Beren Goguen and use the subject line: “Applied Podcast Guest.” Include your name, title, a brief synopsis of your story (including how it has real-world impact), and a short bio (or link).

Can I recommend someone else as a guest?

Yes, certainly. Please email Beren Goguen and use the subject line “Applied Podcast Guest.” Please also include the following info:

  • The person’s name, title, and email address
  • A brief explanation of why their story would be of interest to our listeners
  • A short bio, link to a bio, or link to relevant website
Are interviews conducted in-person or online?

Although we prefer to interview guests in our media studio (located southwest of CSU main campus in Fort Collins), we are also open to conducting interviews online. Please let our hosts know your preference prior to scheduling an interview.

How will the podcast and/or interview content be used?

Applied podcast content may be re-purposed into informational content for:

  • Additional podcast episodes
  • Educational articles
  • YouTube videos
  • Social media posts
  • White papers

Note: All content will be used in accordance with CSU policies.

Disclaimer. Privacy info. Accessibility.

Who do I contact with questions?

Please contact Beren Goguen at and use the subject line “Applied Podcast Question.”