Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI)

Promoting Leadership Development, Increased Civic Capacity and Equity in All Policies

The Family Leadership Training Institute of Colorado (FLTI) is a nonpartisan, multi-sector, and community-driven collaborative that seeks to bridge the gap between local residents and decision-makers in order to foster the co-creation of programs and policies that reflect diverse community voices.

Since 2009, FLTI of Colorado has partnered with communities throughout the state to implement a transformational 20-week training program that utilizes the nationally renowned Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI) curriculum.

FLTI training is designed to increase civic participation and promote greater collaboration between individuals, families, institutions, public administrators and elected officials as they seek strategies to respond to emerging social, health, and economic issues in their communities.

Alumni Spotlight: Danielle Holmes

Danielle Holmes is a 2018 graduate from the Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI) of Boulder County – Longmont whose leadership journey truly embodies the “why” behind the leadership initiative that is transforming the civic landscape of Colorado.

Danielle grew up in foster care and, after aging out of the system, found herself pregnant and trapped in an abusive relationship. After fleeing cross-country from her abuser, Danielle secured refuge with a domestic violence shelter in Boulder.

Danielle then enrolled at Front Range Community College (FRCC) and got involved with the OUR Center in Longmont, where she received a variety of basic needs services including food, clothing, and counseling services to treat PTSD resulting from past abuses. Through the OUR Center, Danielle applied and was accepted to the Family Leadership Training Institute.

FLTI connected Danielle to Rep. Jonathan Singer (D-Longmont). Together they developed and passed HB18-1319 establishing the Former Foster Care Youth Steering Committee. The committee is responsible for developing long-term service coordination for foster care youth who are transitioning into adulthood.

Danielle is just one of many FLTI graduates making a difference in their communities.

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