Health Extension: Cultivating Healthy Communities

CSU Health Extension empowers all Coloradans to live healthy lives by advancing health partnerships and community initiatives and offering evidence-based programming focused on behavioral health, healthy aging, disease prevention and well-being. The Aging Mastery Program provides just one example of how Health Extension has  advanced health equity throughout the state.

Our Focus Areas

Behavioral Health

Community-based programs, education, resources and referrals that teach stress reduction strategies, promote well-being and resilience, and prevent emergencies.

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Community engagement opportunities and chronic disease prevention programs that promote nutritional awareness, active lifestyles, and healthy behavior change strategies

Healthy Aging

Education and engagement programs that increase opportunities for intergenerational connections, promote lifelong learning, and support the overall health and well-being of older adults and caregivers. 

Rural Health

Health Extension is focusing on expanding access for rural communities to health and well-being resources. View the 2022-23 Rural Health Impact Report.

An illustrated map of Colorado

CSU’s Rural Initiative is an Exention statewide directive bringing additional resources and programs to rural communities across Colorado.

Building on Extension’s national framework

CSU Health Extension’s work is based on the Cooperative Extension National Framework for Health Equity and Well-Being, which prioritizes:

• Advancing health equity by increasing access to health resources
• Responding to community needs by centering resident’s voices and experiences
• Investing in Extension’s health-related workforce and programs
• Working with partners to build on existing community resources that address social determinants of health

Our Guiding Principles

Foster belonging by enhancing community connection and engagement

Promote equity by supporting equal and fair access in attaining health and well-being

Instill resilience by supporting communities’ capacity to thrive despite challenges

Increase self-efficacy by empowering individuals and communities to make healthy decisions

Improve access to health by decreasing barriers to knowledge and resources

Boost cultural competence by cultivating an understanding and respect for differences across cultures

Advance community trust by expanding upon Extension’s legacy of engagement  that builds bridges across differences

Grow community leadership opportunites by teaching problem-solving and enacting strategies to attain collective goals