Health Extension Team

The Health Extension Team consists of dynamic, skilled professionals who are passionate about living and growing alongside their neighbors. State and Regional Health/Behavioral Health Specialists have been deployed throughout Colorado to serve as informational resources, community connectors, and health navigators. They strive to amplify resident’s voices, build upon community strengths, and creatively respond to identified needs. Connect with a Specialist today to learn more!

Health Extension Team

Sue Schneider, State Health Specialist

Sue Schneider

State Health Specialist

Sue Schneider is an Extension Professor and State Health Specialist for the Office of Engagement and Extension where she provides leadership and builds strategic partnerships for Extension’s health and well-being initiatives across Colorado. She holds a Ph.D. in Medical Anthropology from Michigan State University. Sue lives in Fort Collins and she loves to hike Devil’s Backbone in Loveland with her husband and teenage son. They leave their two rambunctious dogs at home.
Natalie Bachmeier

Natalie Bachmeier

Health Extension Coordinator

Natalie Bachmeier is based in Fort Collins. She is passionate about developing strong relationships and connecting people to the resources they need. She holds a master’s degree in public health from the Colorado School of Public Health at CSU. Natalie’s favorite place in Colorado is Crested Butte! Whether she is biking among the wildflowers or skiing in the snow, she is always amazed by the beauty that surrounds her!

Rural Health Team

Ginger Williams, Eastern Region

Ginger Williams

Regional Health Specialist, Eastern Region

Ginger Williams is located in Yuma County. She has a passion for helping individuals and families, especially older adults, live their best lives through advocacy, education, and access to fundamental health resources. She holds a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration, specializing in Strategic Innovation and Change Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Human Development and Education. Ginger’s favorite place in Colorado is everywhere the family camper can roam with her husband, two boys and two dogs.

Jennifer Aengst, Mountain Region

Jennifer Aengst

Regional Health Specialist, Mountain Region

Jennifer Aengst is based in Fort Collins. She is passionate about improving healthcare for rural Coloradans through advocacy, building collaborations, and increasing access to resources. She holds a Ph.D. in Medical Anthropology from the University of California, Davis. Jen’s favorite place in Colorado is hiking around the Maroon Bells in the fall, or any mountain she can climb up or ski down!

Calandra Lindstadt, Western Region

Calandra Lindstadt

Regional Health Specialist, Western Region

Calandra Lindstadt is based in Grand Junction where she works to empower and engage rural communities. Her family members are fifth-generation farmers and ranchers on the plains in Northeastern Colorado. She holds a Ph.D. in Advertising with a specialization in Health Communication from the University of Texas at Austin. Calandra’s favorite place in Colorado is anywhere up the Cache la Poudre canyon, but she especially loves to hike up Greyrock with her family and dog, Bluebonnet.

Peggy Stoltenberg

Peggy Stoltenberg

Partnership and Project Development Manager for the CSU Northeast Regional Engagement Center (NREC)

Peggy Stoltenberg is based in Sterling, Colorado. She is a community engagement specialist with over 15 years of experience in healthcare settings. Her passion lies in making connections, creating opportunities, and developing leaders in populations traditionally underserved by health resources and programming. Peggy’s favorite places in Colorado involve her lounging by a natural pool of water and gazing out across it at the beautiful Colorado scenery, whether that be in the high mountains, on the plains, or anywhere in-between.

Behavioral Health/Colorado AgrAbility Project Team

Rebecca Hill, State Extension Specialist

Rebecca Hill

State Extension Specialist & Co-director of the Colorado AgrAbility Project 

Rebecca Hill is an Extension Professor in the Office of Engagement and Extension and the Co-Director of the Colorado AgrAbility Project. Rebecca has a passion for community and economic development, particularly in rural areas, and believes that a focus on health is essential in these efforts. Rebecca loves spending time outdoors, especially in Red Feather Lakes.
Portrait of Chad Reznicek

Chad Reznicek

Behavioral Health Specialist

Chad Reznicek is a Behavioral Health Specialist with the Colorado AgrAbility Project and committed to helping expand and improve behavioral health support and resources in rural communities. Prior to joining the AgrAbility Team, Chad spent 20 years as a licensed therapist, providing behavioral health services in diverse settings with a special focus on suicide prevention, trauma, mood disorders, adolescent issues, and substance abuse. Chad grew up in a small town in central Nebraska with a deep respect for agriculture, the heart of our rural communities. Chad’s favorite places in Colorado are the State Wildlife Area ponds around Loveland, where he spends as many mornings as possible fishing for bass at sunrise.
Chad Reznicek, Behavioral Health Specialist

Jim Kuemmerle

Behavioral Health Specialist, Eastern Region

Jim Kuemmerle has a background in clinical social work, prominent in rural communities in several states including Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Wyoming and Colorado. Jim holds multiple master’s degrees, making him jack-of-all-trades: Master of Social Work, master’s in emergency management and a master’s in business administration. His favorite place in Colorado is any wilderness area where he can go backpacking with his boy Scouts and disappear off the grid for several days. 

Chad Reznicek, Behavioral Health Specialist

Kirsten Wulfsberg

Behavioral Health Specialist, Mountain Region

Kirsten Wulfsberg is a licensed professional counselor, who spent 20 years working in psychiatric crisis management within a hospital/emergency department setting. Kirsten is passionate about behavioral health education, training and working with people in a preventative manner, and believes feeling engaged in your community is a key component of that. Kirsten believes personal insight and proper self-care techniques can help promote balance, sense of community, and a happier, healthier lifestyle. She loves volunteering and spending time with her husband and dogs in Chaffee County, enjoying year-round mountain and river activities. 

Chad Reznicek, Behavioral Health Specialist

Julie Elliott

Behavioral Health Specialist, Western Region

Julie Elliott is a licensed professional therapist, who spent 15+ years providing behavioral health services, vocational services, and education in diverse settings with special focus areas in trauma, suicide prevention, mood disorders, disability, families, and substance abuse. Julie grew up in Northwest Colorado and is from a 5th generation ranch familyShe embraces the strong spirit of the west and western agriculture. Julie is committed to improving behavioral resources in rural communities.   

Ellis Vidmar, Rural Health Communications Coordinator

Ellis Vidmar

Rural Health Communications Coordinator

Ellis Vidmar is AgrAbility’s Rural Health Communications Coordinator and passionate about agriculture, communication, and advocating for opportunities for those with disabilities or limitations. Ellis grew up on a multi-generational cow/calf ranch in Hot Sulphur Springs, where her family still raises cattle and operates a pasture-to-plate business. She holds a Master’s degree in Agriculture with an emphasis in Agriculture Media & Communication from West Texas A&M University. Ellis’ favorite place in Colorado is the reservoir (filled with lily-pads at 9,000 ft ) on her family’s ranch in Granby.